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PLX8500C/D High Frequency Digital Radiography Syst


PLX8500C/D is used for the digital photography of patient's chest,abdomen,bone and soft tissue.

1、Integrated flat-panel detector with optimum coverage.


2、Optimized design and unique operation,make you work flow even more efficient.


3、Advanced digital image processing technology to ensure a HD quality image .


4、Equipped with the network sharing and integration function,easy to connect to the hospital management system.


5、Easy to install and maintain with a modular design.


Item Contents
Power Output  55KW/65KW
Dual-focus 0.6/1.2
Inverter Frequency 60KHZ
Tube Voltage  40~150KV
Power Supply 380V,50/60HZ
Digital Detector Flat panel/CCD
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