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BTX-9800D Mammography System


Detect galactocele accurately. Detect intraductal papilloma. Detect mammary duct ectasia and acute mastitis. Detect proliferation of mammary gland and breast cancer.

1、New molding shell.


2、Three large full color LCD involved.


3、Touch screen.


4、Electric isocentric rotation U-arm with an unique automatic back to center function.


5、Optional flexible compression systems.


6、Optional electric filter.


7、Optional digital imaging function:CR or DR.


8、Original mammary texture examination function.


9、Optional import all-solid transducer AEC.


Item Contents
Power Rating 6.2kW
Frequency 80kHz
C-arm vertical movement 590mm
Rotation degree ﹣90°~﹢90°
Max Pressure 200N
Max Travel 120mm
SID 650mm
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