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PLX101D High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment


PLX101D is used in radiology,orthopedics,wards,emergency rooms ,operating rooms and ICU can make radiography on human body ,such as head,limbs,chest and spine,especially suitable for photography without power supply.

1、Equipped with a build-in rechargeable battery,suitable for taking radiography for any body's parts in any places and at any time.


2、Creative design making much less weight and much smaller volume than any other similar ones.


3、Unique locating mode and swift radiographing capacity proving perfect and handy operating .


Item Contents
Power Output  5.0KW
Frequency 50KHZ
Tube Voltage  40~120KV
Power Supply  110/220V  50HZ/60HZ
Operation Method  Wire/Wirelss Control
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